... Necessary, but often unwelcome, observers in the halls of power (and their dusty basements). ...
(unwatched powers tend toward putting fingers on the scales of whatever powers they have)
JAFO: Just
MARU: circle or ship in Japanese.
More relevantly,
the unwinnable situation
reprogrammed by Captain Kirk
in the Kobayashi Maru.
Help us pay procedural due process forward
... (by helping a procedural due process deprived Brooklyn Theater) ...
--future procedural due process MARUs
--programming the Brooklyn Lyceum or any interim Lyceum!
Eyes with
a functional brainstem
... are the key…
—Review simple court papers (such as notices and proofs of service of notices)
— Note presence or lack of documents like affidavits of service.
— Note the date of a document and the timestamp noting when document became part of the record.
— Read a few iron clad simple case decisions.

Note how there can only be one outcome … if Brooklyn Procedural Due Process has any meaning.
— Sign elevated affidavit (jurat) swearing to what you have seen.
— Make appearance at a hearing (live or zoom)
What’s the payback?
... Your time has value…
—Warm fuzzies because you stood up and noticed something, somewhere, was clearly amiss.
—votes in choosing future MARUs.
—votes in programming the new Brooklyn Lyceum or any interim proxy
(Currently poking around Philadelphia, upstate New York and Maine)
Votes? Future MARUs?
--10 for accepted jurat (must be 1st MARU act)
--1 for each use of jurat in court papers
--5 for appearing at a court hearing (by zoom or conference call)
--20 for appearing at a hearing in person.
Votes? Brooklyn Lyceum (or interim location)
Same as for Future Maru but … in addition …
Prior activity at lyceum (staff, performers, creative, etc…) gets you votes that vest with your 1st jurat.
Votes TBD.
Foreclosed on by a developer …
(led by a now disbarred from the practice of law atty for withholding information from disciplinary committee) … that failed to act before the case should have been dismissed as abandoned.
Courts at multiple levels protect developer…
When called on it court tied itself into knots kissing developer heinie.
When we appealed the heinie kissing, the appellate court retroactively altered the docket to parallel construct developer heinie kissing because the initial heinie kissing was such an abysmal ruling.
Two options …
—demanding appellate court, as it as done countless times before, ensure that the lyceums procedural due process rights are not harmed by the retroactive altering of the docket, or,
—roll with the magcal alteration and attack the subsequent other procedural due process violations caused thereby (failure to serve atty, notice to appear a decade in the past)
Inevitable Result …
Damned if they kiss developer heinie one way, damned if they don’t.