Brooklyn Lyceum Maru - Just Us?
cultural town hall seeks due process programming warriors - facts, law and caselaw are unequivocally on the side of the Brooklyn Lyceum, the courts, not so much.

Richard Pryor once had a bit about justice ...

"If you're {going downtown..}looking for justice, that's just what you'll find -- just us."


The rules that judges are required to follow aren't that hard, and, in New York, you need to be an attorney for 10 years before you can be elected a judge.

The decade of service rule should be one-pronged, ten years of experience and you probably know what due process is and what discretionary is, but probably has become a two-pronged rationale ... learn what to do when you don't have any preconceived opinion and how to do what you want to do when you have a preconceived opinion.


Those rules are defined by hundreds of years of caselaw (the "common law"), the United States and New York State Constitutions, the statutes that approximate the "common law", and decisions since the statutes that expand the statute to encompass, minimally, the "common law" it "replaced", save for places where the statute explicitly replaced, removed (such as the removal of common law marriage in New York  State), modified or even expanded the "common law" (such as motions to vacate).

But with regards to due process, that thing without which we are nothing, it is excruciatingly simple, NOTICE and OPPORTUNITY TO BE HEARD.

Anywhere Notice and Opportunity to be Heard are missing, the court never obtained the right to rule.

We have run into some stellar judges (Arthur Schack, Remy Smith), but most really beat up on the self represented by ignoring due process, and the beast that rears its head when due process is ignored/denied/violated, JURISDICTION, another spin on the court's right to rule.


That something is amiss.

Simple laws, simple facts, simple caselaw and different decisions for the self represented than those represented by counsel show how skewed the system is, unwatched by non-parties.


Seeking to compel the judicial system to do what the rules require, whether it is convenient or not.


(in progress, not quite ready yet)

Collect due process warriors who, in return, get votes in programming the Brooklyn Lyceum, an arts facility that will be resurrected, in no small part, by their attentions (or some other options if that ain't your style).

Due process warrior does a combination of (list not ready, but here is a start):

  • A:-Plaintiff Perjury about whether defendants had interposed an answer
  • 1--Read a few lines in a certified court docket.
  • 2--Read a certified copy of an affidavit by an attorney swearing no interaction with defendant.
  • 3--Read a certified copy of an affidavit by that same attorney years later (after having succeeded swearing  no interaction) swearing interaction had occurred at time of first affidavit.
  • B: -Plaintiff notices defendants to appear a decade in the past
  • 1--Reads a two page notice of motion noticing defendant to appear a decade in the past.
  • C: -Appellate Court finds that 19 > 26
  • 1--Note datetime stampObserve that 19 < 26.
  • 2---Read a short decision by Appellate Division, Second Department judges ???? , ???? , ????, ???? finding the Brooklyn Lyceum has no rights because  19> 26
  • D: - Appellate court refuse to reconsider its finding that 19> 26.
  • 13--Read subsequent one line denial of reconsideration of the finding the 19> 26 .
  • D: 
  • 1--Review a certified copy of a docket up to the first 5 items
  • 2--Review certified copies of the first 5 items from plaintiff case initiation to initial plaintiff motion for default:
  • --1--Summons and Complaint
  • --2--Proof of service on 7 entities
  • --3--Notice of pendency
  • --4--Request for Judicial Intervention (RJI)
  • --5--Notice of Motion
  • --6--Proofs of service of the complaint (7, but not exactly same 7 as #2)
  • --7--Extension of time #1
  • --8--Extension of time #2
  • --9--Defendants' Answer
  • --10--Plaintiff Rejection of answer.

  • 1--Reads some statutes.
  • 2--Reads some case law (we will provide the cases full cases as well as the relevant snippets).
  • 3--Signs an affidavit about some of the aforementioned simple things.

  • Will use the affidavits if they are of the required format, and, upon acceptance of proper affidavit or use of that proper affidavits, either allocate programming votes to the warrior such that the warrior has a say in programming the Brooklyn Lyceum, or, provide some other appreciation for the warriors efforts (choose from a few causes dear to the Brooklyn Lyceum's heart.

  • --Preparing "PROJECT" section such that it is clear and concise.
  • --Creating process to submit affidavits and notice events.
  • --Create voting process.
  • --Getting the word out to Brooklyn Lyceum crew from the past.
  • --Getting word out to past presenters.
  • --Getting word out to past performers.
  • --Getting word out to past attendees.
  • --Getting word out to artists/performers in general.
  • --Getting word out to presenters in general.
  • --Getting word out to lawyers in Brooklyn
  • --Getting word out to lawyers in New York City
  • --Getting word out to law schools nation wide
  • --Getting word out to law journals
  • --Getting word out to theater, music, dance, art schools
  • --Getting word out to due process organizations
  • --Getting word out to nominating committees for judges.
  • --Getting word out to law professors.
  • --Get word out to general public.


Word getting out to Lyceum Crew from the past.

Votes allocated to date:

  • As of (5/9) : 48
  • As of (5/5) : 17
  • As of (5/2) : 6


DONALD SCOTT KURTZ (and law clerk,now judge, Gina Abadi)- Up for re-election November, 2019.

  • --Failed to notice that Plaintiff noticed defendants to appear a decade in the past.
  • --Refused, in violation of Section VI of the New York State Constitution, several times over a period of years to provide court reporter to hearings where lack of jurisdiction was argued (and never denied by opposition). 
  • --Failed to address perjury by counsel for Plaintiff when it became clear that Affidavit in Support of Motion for default was a lie.
  • --Lied to Appellate Division, Second Department.
  • --Perjured themselves to Appellate Division, Second Department

REINALDO E. RIVERA, J.P. - Up for re-election  November 2019

--Said, at Lyceum Oral Argument, when jurisdictional issues were raised, that:

  •     "the Second department has an excellent reputation"
  •     "we will get to the bottom of this"

  • --Failed to address the jurisdictional arguments in decision, and thus, to get to the bottom of anything.
  • --Found that 19 > 26 in a decision.
  • --Refused to address the mathematical certainty that 19< 26 in the motion to reconsider.
  • --altered appeal brief stating that, despite the words on the appeal brief page and without any discussion, 





Accomplish the affidavit tasks to garner votes (10 per affidavit and one per use) for programming the Brooklyn Lyceum.

Note that you can proxy the votes to another entity.  So if you like a theater troupe, proxy your votes to them.

Or, if you would rather pay it forward for something else, here are a few things we will endeavor to do when successful: TBD.


Appear when called on and garner 20 votes per appearance with proxy ability and cause substitution as in affidavits.


While dollars are not the purpose, they can help.

Either buy something by clicking on a vendor below (and get one vote per shipment),

or help a larger cause,

a review of one year of decisions of the New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division, Second Department, the one with "the excellent reputation" that gets "to the bottom" of things.  Do so here  :


Voting for those who helped the Brooklyn Lyceum since December 16, 1994.

VOTES (this is tentative and ratios subject to revision)


  • --LYCEUM CREWE = 1 per participatory month.
    • --RUN PRODUCER ENTITY = 10  per week of run.
    • --RUN CREATIVE = 2 per week of run.
    • --RUN CREWE= 1  per week of run
  • --RUN PERFORMER = 1 per performance
  • --MARKET/CONVENTION TABLER: 1 per table day (2/day if booth)
  • --FESTIVAL PRODUCER ENTITY = 20  per festival week
  • --FESTIVAL CREATIVE = 2  per festival week
  • --FESTIVAL ENTRY LIVE = 1 per festival performer
  • --FESTIVAL ENTRY - NOT LIVE - 1 per festival
  • --PUBLIC EVENT RENTAL (party, lecture) = 5
  • --PUBLIC EVENT PERFORMER = 1 per rental
    --PRIVATE RENTAL (baseball practice, classes) = 1 per week


  • BUY SOMETHING FROM A VENDOR AT BOTTOM OF HOME PAGE = 1 vote per purchase shipment.


  • --EACH USE OF AFFIDAVIT = 1 vote
  • --EACH APPEARANCE = 20 votes

Developing secure online voting mechanism with proxy mechanism so you can transfer your votes, forever or for a time, to another entity.